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PartsASIST revolutionizes online parts ordering

With a suite of tools to help you find exactly what you need, PartsASIST is the revolutionary way to order heavy duty truck parts online. Order with confidence, so you can get back to what really matters: keeping your operation running. Please note that our dealer network is in a phased rollout throughout 2022. As we bring dealers onboard and update our dealer locator with their information, we will introduce the ability to request access to PartsASIST with the dealership of your choice. Stay tuned for this functionality in the coming months.

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Virtual Parts Counter

Eliminate hold time and go to the front of the line.

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Multiple Integrations

Integrated catalogs and advanced search offer multiple ways to find a specific part.

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Search with Confidence

Quickly drill down and view only parts relevant to a specific vehicle.

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Re-order in seconds

Create lists and save order history for easy re-ordering.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you?

Our goal is to make parts ordering easy, accurate and integrated. If the answer to your question isn't listed, choose the Support tab or click here to contact us directly. 

Log into Trucks Customer Portal and complete the Fleet Maintenance Form.

We currently maintain build specs for Mack and Volvo Trucks. We also recommend using our All-Makes catalog to search for a variety of products that will fit your needs. We maintain a robust VIN database supporting vehicles dating back to 2007 for Volvo and 2010 for Mack. Older models may not be visible with this tool.

The Genuine Catalog is available to owners of Mack Trucks and Volvo Trucks. If you own Mack and/or Volvo and do not have visibility, please refer to previous FAQ, “how do I keep my VIN list current?” Owners of other truck brands are encouraged to order using our All-Makes Catalog.

Once the dealer has authorized your account set-up, simply login and begin shopping using the search functionalities or any of our integrated catalogs.

Currently only the dealership's parts inventory is viewable within PartsASIST but if the part is priced at the dealership, a back order will be created.



Yes, an invitation from each dealership is required to order from multiple dealer locations.

Yes, you can have sub users that can log into your account to order on your company’s behalf.

Tutorials and more

We're here to help you get the most out of our suite of tools

See videos below to learn more.

PartsASIST Overview

Take a tour of PartsASIST in this overview video of MyFleet, catalogs, current promotions, searching functionality and so much more.

Adding VINs - MyFleet

Using MyFleet and adding favorites

Using our Genuine Parts Catalog

No VIN, No Problem. Search for items using our All-Makes Catalog

How to manage a RFQ for parts

Quickly reorder commonly purchased item by creating Saved Lists

Using the quick order function

Understanding Order Information


Our Customer Care team provides unrivaled service and expertise. Our focus is on providing you with the support you need.